Activities to try at home

Disclaimer: For your child's health and safety, it is important to supervise them during these activities, and only use age-appropriate equipment and materials. We cannot be held responsible for your child's welfare when they are outside of our care.

To improve gross motor skills...

Visit playgrounds

Visit playgrounds - swings, slides, climbing and jumping help to improve your child's balance and coordination.


Dance - there are many nursery rhymes and songs with actions that your child can copy. For example, the wheels on the bus and Incy Wincy Spider.

To improve fine motor skills...


Colouring and painting - using crayons is good way for your child to practice their pencil grip, which will be a useful skill for when they learn to write.

Threading with pasta

Threading - Ask your child to thread beads or dry pasta on to a string or shoelace, or how about threading a nut on to a screw?

Get Crafty

Get crafty - Using child scissors to cut along a line on paper and card, and use glue for sticking.

Sand Play

Play with sand - As well as developing fine motor skills, playing with sand is sensory and promotes creativity and imagination.