The Lady Bird Room

Ladybird Room

Our Baby room has been open since January 2011 and provides wrap around care for babies aged 2 months to 2 years. We have a maximum of 6 babies each day and 1-2 ratio of staff to children as we find that this helps us provide an inviting and calm setting for the babies. We have several options of care and try to be as flexible as possible with the daily hours we offer.

The Kindergarten is open 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We also offer sessions to under two’s which has proved very popular with the option of tagging on additional hours.

We provide individual care for each child and have a very successful key person system that caters for each baby’s personal needs, this is provided by qualified, experienced staff.

Our ethos is providing a home from home style setting, with learning through play. We have developed lots of natural based collections within the whole nursery, but on a larger scale in the baby room. This creates learning through sensory exploring.

Michelle Kimble

The Butterfly Room

Butterfly Room

The Butterfly room caters for children aged 2-3 years old, the focus is very much on learning through play. The children can choose their own activities through self-selection as well as play with the activities that have been set out throughout the day. We have a higher staff to child ratio in our room that is required by Ofsted to ensure that the children get a good deal of adult attention, to maintain calm and interesting environment. We offer ICT play, small world toys, role play opportunities and various Art and Craft on a daily basis. We also like to spend as much time outside as we can, come rain, shine or snow.

We offer a key person approach with regular meetings with parents or carers so that they can be fully involved in their progress and development.

We offer healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon, with milk or water, where children can taste a variety of food, including those they have made during cooking activities.

Most of all we have fun.

Vicki and Siobhan
Room Leaders

The Dragonfly Room

Dragonfly Room

The Dragonfly room caters for our 3-4 year old age group (also known as the Rising 5’s) these are the children who will be attending Primary School the following year. Our sessions are very similar to the Butterfly room with an emphasis on play and fun, but we also try and incorporate more structure and independent learning opportunities. The activities include things like making electrical connections, using tools (e.g. hammers and screwdrivers) to make models.

We use the School hall facilities at least twice a week for our PE sessions, which can consist of obstacle courses, parachute play and exploring different ways of moving to music. We encourage the children to change themselves into their own PE kits, which helps them to become more independent in their dressing and undressing skills.

We also offer healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon, with milk or water, where children can taste a variety of different food, including the results of their cooking activities. We encourage the children to grow and care for plants and vegetables in the outside garden and where possible we try and incorporate these into the healthy snacks.

We have fantastic contact with the local Primary Schools and we find that this is the best way to ease the sometimes difficult transition between Kindergarten and Big School.

Tina Lawrence